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Ash & Tray Season one. Monthly Cardano NFT comic strips

Ash and Tray have realized that there are people making money as streamers and they want their piece of the cake. That’s why they decided to create their own Late Night Live Show. Will their appeal and charisma be enough to succeed? Let’s see how they do!

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All episodes now available for online reading!

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Ash & Tray Season one Episode 01 Welcome fellowers! Collector's Edition

#01.Welcome fellowers!

Ash & Tray begin their journey as emerging streaming stars…

Ash & Tray Season one Episode 02 The fan Collector's Edition

#02. The fan

Ash & Tray are streaming their late night live show and celebrating…

Ash & Tray Season one Episode 03 Influencers Collector's Edition

#03. Influencers

Ash & Tray are happy with their recent success…

Ash & Tray Episode 04 "Fake it till you make it”. Collector's Ed.

#04. Fake it till you make it

Ash & Tray won’t recognize it but their show isn’t going as…

#05 Give them what they want

#05. Give them what they want

Ash & Tray are talking with Ada who is introducing them…

#06 The show must go on! Collector's Ed.

#06. The show must go on!

Following the end of #05 Ash & Tray end the show and while Ash…

Ash & Tray #07 Taste of success Collector's Edition

#07. Taste of success

Ash & Tray is now a successful show with a great following base…

Success hangover. Collector's Edition

#08. Success hangover

Ash is late and Tray has to start the show without him…

#09 This is the end. Collector's Ed.

#09. This is the end

We continue the story just where we left it. At this point Tray…

#10 and now what? Collector's Edition

#10. And now what?

It’s been a while since Ash and Tray last saw each other…

Season One collectibles!

Included with the Collector’s Edition there were a series of limited edition Cardano NFT collectibles that were airdropped to holders with their monthly Ash & Tray stories. Here it goes a small selection:

Spin-off comic strips!

Included with the Collector’s Edition there were also an exclusive series of short spin-off comic strips featuring only one of our characters living short, funny and ridiculous adventures. Those were airdropped to holders with their monthly Ash & Tray stories.

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