Meet Ash & Tray

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Ash & Tray are a representation of those people nostalgic of past times, those who hate today’s society in contraposition to a supposed golden age of civilization that, coincidentally, ocurred when they were young.

Meet Ash & Tray

Ash & Tray are two mediocre guys in their fifties. The world has come a long way since they were young, but they didn’t. 

They have known each other since they were teenagers when they met at music school. Ash played guitar and convinced Tray, who was learning to play drums, to start a band that became somewhat successful in their town.

They were never the best friends but, over the years, their group of acquaintances was reduced and in the end the two of them remained, The Resistance as they call themselves.


Ash, 52

Ash has all the ego and attitude of a 90s rock star but none of the talent.
He works in a pub lazily and reluctantly serving drinks and playing music on the turntable. He prides himself on not having played any record released after 1999.


Tray, 53

You know that guy who uses a female avatar in online multiplayer games so that other players try to hit on him? that’s Tray
He owns a small computer parts and repair shop where he spends countless hours playing epic fantasy, MMORPG  games. He’s really good at it. He’s not in anything else.

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