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Comic episode #10. And now what?

It’s been a while since Ash and Tray last saw each other. Ash is back at his old job at the bar, and Tray is still running his computer store. One day, Tray shows up at the bar for a beer with his old friend. He sits and waits for Ash to pour him a cold beer. At first Ash is distant, but they end up sitting together at a table, getting drunk, laughing and remembering how much fun they had in the beginning…

#10 and now what? Collector's Edition

Comic episode #09. This is the end

We continue the story just where we left it. At this point Tray leaves the stage, but the audience is still there watching as Ash falls asleep in his seat. Something that, again, they find hilarious, and the scene goes viral but, this time, Ash won’t like being mocked at all…

#09 This is the end. Collector's Ed.

Comic episode #08. Success hangover

Ash is late and Tray has to start the show without him. Ash enters the scene drunk.  

He’s going to start disrespecting Tray without a filter just because that’s what he thinks people love. Nothing else matters to him and Tray is finally going to realize this…

Success hangover. Collector's Edition

Comic episode #07. Taste of success

Ash & Tray is now a successful show with a great following base. Our characters are very excited with the new set, their new outfits and they are ready to rock & roll! they have prepared their jokes, they know their audience and now they are decided to give them what they want!

Ash & Tray #07 Taste of success Collector's Edition

Comic episode #06. The show must go on!

Following the end of #05 Ash & Tray end the show and while Ash is excited for its success, Tray is furious. After a few days, they have a business meeting with Ada… let’s see how that goes!

#06 The show must go on! Collector's Ed.

Comic episode #05. Give them what they want

Ash & Tray are talking with Ada who is introducing them new ideas she came up with from data and feedback she gathered from last show and, specifically, the surprising results of a post she did using a clip from last moments of past stream, that became a viral meme bringing a lot of attention to Ash & Tray and their already aired shows.

Apparently, people like when Ash and Tray are insulting each other, and they are having a lot of fun with that. Two old men arguing seems to be hilarious for the internet.

However, Ash & Tray are not amused by the idea at all. They don’t want to be seen as mere clowns…

#05 Give them what they want

Comic episode #04. Fake it till you make it

Ash & Tray won’t recognize it but their show isn’t going as they planned. Recently they were told that being called a boomer* is not a good thing and someone showed them their stats, that proved that they weren’t doing good.

Despite everything, for some reason, they still believe in  themselves so they’ve decided to rise their bet! Who cares about stats, right?

(*) See episode #02 «The Fan»

Ash & Tray Episode 04 "Fake it till you make it”. Collector's Ed.

Comic episode #03. Influencers

Ash & Tray are happy with their recent success, celebrating a new venture with their community. Eventually, they discuss about influencers, advertising and promotion opportunities, always a hot topic! Let’s see how that goes…

Ash & Tray Season one Episode 03 Influencers Collector's Edition

Comic episode #02. The fan

Ash & Tray are streaming their late night live show and celebrating their success and their growing community, then Tray has something to share and… 

Ash & Tray Season one Episode 02 The fan Collector's Edition

Comic episode #01. Welcome fellowers!

Ash & Tray begin their journey as emerging streaming stars with their new Late Night Live Show, they are so proud of themselves! We wish them all the best, right?

Ash & Tray Season one Episode 01 Welcome fellowers! Collector's Edition

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